Thursday, March 10, 2016

Febuary/March Freebies


Leone LessonsA freebie from Leone Lessons Grades 6-7

Students use the familiar story of Little Red Riding Hood to identify & accurately apply plot elements.

Laura Torres

A freebie from Laura Torrres     Grades 5-8

This packet includes an informational article about five parts of the body that humans don't need and why we might have them. After a close reading of the article, students will answer questions on main ideas, reading comprehension, and vocabulary. A coordinating creative writing prompt will help develop critical thinking skills on the topic.

Leah Cleary 


A freebie from Leah Cleary Grades 6-12

Introduce three major Muslim Empires--the Ottomans, the Safavids, and the Mughals--with this webquest. Use the short PowerPoint as a visual when reviewing the answers with students.

History Gal 


A freebie from History Gal         Grades 6-11

Presidents' Day Coloring Page and Word Cloud Activity

Stephanie's History Store



A freebie from Stephanie's History Store  Grades 8-12

Students match a historical woman to an aspect of her life she was known for, use a word bank to match the women and a famous quote of theirs, match the woman's name to her image, and lastly answer two opinion questions. The file includes two versions of the activity, one for US History and one for World Civ/European

Fun ACT Prep


A freebie from Fun ACT Prep         Grades 10-12

Interested in showing the critically-acclaimed film "12 Years a Slave," but worried about its R-rating? This detailed guide will help you to plan a worthwhile viewing of the film.

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