Saturday, January 10, 2015

Welcome to our new Blog!

Our new blog will be a showcase for ideas for secondary teachers.  We want to include inspired possibilities for content, activities, and resources that teachers can use in their classrooms (read:  lots of great downloads!)

The subject areas we will focus on are: History (U.S. and World); Economics; Geography; Social Studies; Current Events; and ELA (Reading, Writing, Literature, and Rhetoric).

Nothing is written in stone, but we are proposing a monthly newsletter and a blog with a monthly theme.  The theme will be reflected in two articles:  one article for ELA; one article for Social Studies/History.  We will also include a third article discussing ideas for using an up-to-the-minute current event in the classroom.

We hope that most of our articles will outline opportunities for cross-curricular learning.

We will include guest bloggers in every edition.  We will also feature freebie and paid downloads from some of our favorite TpT Secondary Teacher/Sellers.

To submit ideas, articles, or possible products to appear in the blog/newsletter, contact us:

To subscribe to our monthly newsletter, click here.

Thanks so much for joining us in our new teaching adventure!